Fantastic Kelang Lama Chai Kuih

There are times when we just have a craving for little snacks at random and need to satisfy it. If it’s some delicious Chai Kuih (steamed vegetable dumplings) you’re thinking of, then this post is just for you! The Kelang Lama Chai Kuih is simply fantastic and is a must try for locals!

Kelang Lama Chai Kuih
A must try for Chai Kuih lovers!

Kelang Lama Chai Kuih Master

The Aunty has been doing this business for more than 10 years now and each year her craft just gets better! What makes a Chai Kuih special is its delicate texture that wraps the vegetables inside. Aunty has managed to master the combination of a soft, chewy texture and crunchy vegetables to delight many! Take a bite out of the Chai Kuih and you will see the ingredients spilling out. She claims to sell 400 pieces daily so it’s a really popular dish among the locals there. It’s an absolute delight to taste this local snack so try them if you haven’t!

Kelang Lama Chai Kuih
The master behind the yummy Chai Kuih

Fantastic Kelang Lama Chai Kuih 1

Kelang Lama Chai Kuih
Vegetables that make up the filling of the Chai Kuih.

Kelang Lama Chai KuihFantastic Kelang Lama Chai Kuih 2 Fantastic Kelang Lama Chai Kuih 3

If you’d like to visit this stall, here are the information below:
Address: Jalan Kelang Lama, Kulim.
Operating Hours: 10am – 6pm (Daily excMonday, Tuesday and Wednesday)