Delicious Kepala Batas Roti Bakar!

Kepala Batas Roti Bakar serves one of the best Roti Bakar around! The stall goes by the name AranGo Roti Bakar Arang and you just have to give it a try!

Kepala Batas roti Bakar
A treat to die for!

Kepala Batas Roti BakarKepala Batas Roti Bakar

Kepala Batas Roti Bakar Specialty

Its entire menu comprises the local favourite roti benggali. The golden colour is enticing and you will love the sound of every scrape on the bread because of its crispness. Layered with yummy half-boiled eggs and baked beans, you can ‘customize’ your meal with extra cheese, sausages, and many more exciting combinations! This stall offers a special mix of western breakfast with unique Asian touch and it is simply great! Priced around RM4 – RM7 for a single set, this meal promises to set a bright start to your day so do try it out!

Kepala Batas Roti Bakar
The architect behind the delicious food.
Kepala Batas Roti Bakar
Perfect hard-boiled eggs just for you!
Kepala Batas Roti Bakar
A whopping meal to satisfy your cravings.
Kepala Batas Roti Bakar
Try it and you will soon find yourself wanting more!

If you would like to visit this stall and try its tasty goodness, here are the information for you! Check out AranGo Roti Bakar Arang today!
Location: Infront of Telekom Malaysia Kepala Batas.
Business: 7am – 12pm (Closed on Monday)