Penang Tour Guide – Edward Lim – OnlyPenang Recommended!

Penang Day Trip with Edward
Penang Day Trip with Edward

Your Penang Tour Guide, Edward, hello!

A little about me – grew up in the pearl of orient (Penang), so I’m from here (it is apparent in all that I do, the way I drives, speaks (English, Hokkien, Mandarin, Cantonese, Hainanese & Bahasa Malaysia),  the fact that I have a hard time slimming down because the food in Penang is so good! I am an Internet Marketer in Penang by weekdays and who is passionate to show you the real Penang during weekends. I also share the best food in Penang by writing blog.  I enjoy taking people to visit places where I love the most, and enjoy one of the best street food in the world.


I create many categorizes of different tour itineraries based on what you are interesting to see in Penang and surrounding areas. Most of my tours relate to cultures, temples, histories, and authentic Penang food etc. which are suitable for everyone. I would happy to customize tour as well as I’m flexible on tour or just let me know where you wanted to go in Penang. No question asked 🙂

Let me know what I can do for you! Or what I can help with, or what you have questions about or anything, anything at all. Thank you for reading this and I’ll see you on the streets!penang-tour-guide

with expats from Belarus @ Chew Jetty

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with 3 Ladies from Pahang, Johor and the Philippines @Sekeping Victoria

with Jeffrey and his family @ Armenian street

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Irene and her mother from Indonesia is enjoying Durian @ Balik Pulau
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with Foo and Alice @ Gurney Drives
with Lovely couples from Hong Kong & Singapore @ Antarabangsa
penang-tour-guide-chew-jetty penang-tour-street-art
with Dao Yun & her friends from Singapore @ Armenian street & Chew Jetty

Testimonials I’ve collected as a Uber Driver
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