Penang Street Art (Children on the Swing), Louis Gan

This newly painted wall mural was reportedly done by a local artist named Louis Gan. This wall mural / Penang Street Art depicts most likely a brother and a sister having fun on the swing. The road sign “Step by Step Lane” is also installed as part of the art work and is not an actual road sign. This art work can be found at Chulia Street Ghaut (at a back alley of a printing warehouse).

It graces the wall of the printing warehouse in an alleyway off Chulia Street Ghaut, Step By Step Lane, in George Town, Penang.

Louis Gan and the Brother and Sister on a Swing mural (14 November, 2012)

Louis Gan and the Brother and Sister on a Swing mural (14 November, 2012)

Location Map

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